An open letter to teenagers.

Dear fellow teenagers,

It’s scary that so many of us become shy, anxious, extremely emotional and depressed as we grow up. All the social pressure, stress and hormonal changes builds up into this strong and unstable feeling in our throats, that feeling that chains us up as we struggle to break free, that feeling where we can’t see beauty in ourself anymore, that feeling when you spill the contents of the puzzle box.

Believe me when I say; deep down, it’s fine that we don’t want to try anymore. Because let’s be honest; what’s the use of breaking free when we are going to be imprisoned, again and again, over and over again. But life doesn’t end with one person feeling alone or scared or depressed. Unfortunately, so many people believe that it does. And sadly, some people perish because of it.

So, pick up the puzzle pieces that you dropped. Spend your time putting the pieces together. Stop running around with it safely tucked away inside the box. Believe me, you will see the big picture when the day comes. Believe me, it will be beautiful. It will be all you ever asked for and more. It will make you inherently happy and satisfied. 

You are not worthless. You are not a monster when negativity hits you like a brick. You are not ugly. You are not useless. You are not any of the things people say that you are. Diamonds are under pressure before they are beautiful, gold has to go into a furnace before it shines. Remember, beauty is not something that you see or touch. It is the feeling when you find the puzzle pieces fitting together. There is beauty in everything and everyone.

So look closely.


A teenager.


Author: flauntingmyflawsome

Avid reader, lazy writer.

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